Cambridge City Emergency Foodbank Voucher Requests

You can use this website to apply online for a foodbank voucher. To use this service you must have a mobile phone capable of receiving texts.

Please note that we can only issue vouchers in certain cases such as sudden loss of work or reduced hours. For general hardship or benefits problems you should contact your support worker or Cambridge Citizens Advice on 0344 848 7979

Be aware that self-isolation is not a sufficient reason to receive a voucher.

If we issue a voucher we will provide instructions where to get the food.

If you do not meet the criteria we will inform you that we are unable to issue the voucher by text. We cannot enter into discussion about the reason for refusal.

In order to assess your application we will require you to provide various personal information. This information will be held and used according to our privacy policy which is available on our web site. By pressing "Continue" you agree to us holding this information according to this policy.

We cannot issue more than three vouchers in a 6 month period according to Trussell Trust rules. Your application will be rejected if you exceed this limit.




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